Starting on Catspaw


I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today, but in a good way. I’ve just ordered the proof copy of Persnickety’s Book of Bedtime Stories. And a few minutes before that, I finished reading through the rough draft of Catspaw. For anyone who has finished reading the e-book version of Persnickety, this is the story that Gina was writing in “Giant’s Gold.” I wrote Catspaw as a Camp NaNoWriMo novel in June 2012, and hadn’t looked at it since. I was afraid that I would start reading it and discover a ton of errors that would require a major rewrite.

I was pleasantly surprised. I kept finding forgotten treasures in scenes and bits of dialog I had forgotten. I had to force myself to put the manuscript down and go to bed last night, because I was only half-way through by 10:30. I corrected a few typos, made a couple of minor changes, and gave the manuscript to my first beta-reader. Lacking the funds to pay a content editor, I’m hoping he can help me decide if the story works as well as I hope. I’m now waiting for him to read it and get back to me. And if he doesn’t get on it soon, I’ll have to go into the other room and bug him about it. 🙂 The disadvantages of helping family members….

About Catspaw… In June 2012, I had a ten-month-old kitten named Persnickety, who liked to sleep on my bed. (These days, he prefers cardboard boxes and my easy chair.) One day, I looked over at the cat, and thought, “What if he suddenly turned into a human? Well, he’s a boy, so he’d turn into a man. And if I was sleeping, and woke up to find him in my bed, I’d certainly freak out.” Up to that point, I had only ever finished the rough drafts of two Young Adult fantasy novels, so I planned that type of story again. And the story emerged from there.

Catspaw is about a young prince, who is turned into a kitten to save him from a murderous uncle. He finds a home with the daughter of a woodcutter, who lets him sleep on her bed. That is, until Percy turns eighteen, and turns back into a human, with no memory of anything that came before. As his memory of his human past starts returning, he sets off in search of his past, in company with the son and daughter of the woodcutter. But the more Percy learns about his past, the more he discovers that things are not always as they seem.

While I’m waiting to finish Persnickety for publication in paperback, I will be working on getting Catspaw ready to publish as well. Which means I get to go through all this nit-picky, time-consuming editing, formatting, cover creation, and proofing process all over again. I can’t wait.

Other projects on my to-do list are:

  1. Finish outlining Time Will Tell, so I can write the rough draft. I’m hoping to write that one for July Camp Nano. And maybe I’ll be able to write the sequel to that for November Nano.
  2. Get a store plug-in set up on this site, so I can sell my e-books directly. This will allow me to give my readers unlimited access to their purchases for all their reading devices without having to repurchase the book for the new device.
  3. I’ve also got some new short story ideas that I want to work on. I’ll share more on that later, if it works out.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader or proofreader for Catspaw or my other stories, please send me a message privately.

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